Students Lead “Expedition CO2” Workshop at Expanding Your Horizons

Feb 29, 2020

Ashley Modena (left) and Grace True lead the Expedition CO2 workshop based on curriculum they designed
student teacher

Athenian high senior Grace True explains how to graph sensor data

High school seniors Grace True (Athenian) and Ashley Modena (San Ramon Valley High) expanded their horizons as part of Quest’s community science project “Expedition CO2.”  The pair created curriculum and led two workshops at  Tri-Valley Expanding Your Horizons on February 22.  They worked with Quest mentors and ace science teacher Jeri Johnstone from Northern Light School in Oakland, learning how to engage students, incorporate the Next Generation Science Standards, and explain concepts like parts per million. Jeri also helped Grace and Ashley create instruction cards and work on their presentations and timing.

Grace and Ashley expressed deep appreciation to the Quest mentors and Jeri for their support and enjoyed taking a lead role in Quest’s work to pilot these classroom-style experiments that shed light on sources and sinks of CO2.


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