Sketches in Code: Randomness & Patterns Science & Art

View the beauty of patterns, randomness and nature created through computer generative art at Quest Science Center’s new interactive public exhibit “Sketches in Code: Randomness & Patterns in Science and Art.” This exhibit is *free* to the general public and runs from February 12 through May 2, 2021 at the Bankhead Theater Gallery, located at 2400 First Street in Livermore, and is open Fridays 2-6 pm, Saturdays and Sundays 1-5 pm.
The exhibit is for anyone interested in:

  • DISCOVERING why natural elements like shells, trees, lightning bolts and more are shaped the way they are
  • LEARNING how natural and genetic codes influence randomness and patterns around us
  • UNCOVERING the math and science behind everyday patterns and computer-generated images

In partnership with the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Council (LVPAC), “Sketches in Code” offers the Tri-Valley community a chance to explore how the intersection of mathematics, science, and computers can be used to create digital works of art reflecting our natural world – trees, rock formations, vistas and more. Also on display are traditional works of art in the form of origami and paintings by local artists.

At “Sketches in Code” You’ll:

  • Enjoy a curated collection of digital artwork displayed on a series of monitors exhibited alongside traditional art forms such as paintings and origami designs by local artists
  • Explore the math and science behind everyday patterns in nature through computer-generated digital imagery and traditional artforms
  • Discover how organic artwork is created interactively through coded mathematical formulas
  • Create your own digital artwork through computer-generated mathematical formulas converted to code

Videos from the Exhibit

Beyond the Exhibit: Learn More

“Sketches in Code” is an opportunity to delve into five key scientific themes are through the medium of computer-generated art.

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Download Free Digital Wallpaper! 

We have selected 5 vibrant visuals from our computer generative art exhibit “Sketches in Code” for use on your monitor or mobile phone, each available in three different resolutions or orientations.

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Visit “Sketches in Code”


FREE to the general public


LVPAC Bankhead Theater Gallery, 2400 First Street, Livermore


February 12 through May 2, 2021



Fridays 2-6 pm; Saturdays and Sundays 1-5 pm

COVID-19 Protocols:

The installation conforms with county health department guidelines for COVID-19. For the safety of staff and patrons, paced entry, face mask requirements, hand sanitizing stations, and six-foot minimum physical distancing are being observed.


Thank You!

We are grateful to the Livermore Performing Arts Council and our supportive donors
and talented development team whose efforts make “Sketches in Code” possible:


Alan & Mary Burnham
David & Darcie Kent
Irv & Patty Stowers
Bob Woerner & Nova Starling
Sisyphus Industries, Bob Shapiro


Ken Ball
Alan Burnham
Caleb Cheung
Vaughn Draggoo
Anne Giancola
Kevin Hulin
Larry Lagin
Richard O’Hare
Donald Sweeney
Greg Thompson

“At QUEST, we are inspired every day to create opportunities for our community to engage with science and technology. “Sketches in Code” invites curious people of all ages to explore how natural and computer-generated codes influence randomness, patterns and art in everyday life.”  

~ Caleb Cheung, Chief Learning Officer