Board of Directors

In addition to their scientific and technological acumen, the Quest board members have a long and distinguished history of leadership, education outreach, community building, volunteerism and fundraising. These accomplished retirees of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories-California began their effort to establish a downtown science center as a way to pay it forward — sparking in young minds the same curiosity, energy and exploration that once inspired their chosen careers.

Monya Lane

Alan Burnham
Founder & Director Emeritus

Vaughn Draggoo

Jay Davis
Director Emeritus

Jose Hernandez

Nan Ho

Michael Mosby

Rick Stulen


Caleb Cheung
Chief Learning Officer

Quest Advisory Board


Joanna Albala, LLNL Science Education Program Manager

Ann Brown, Education & Outreach Associate, Zone 7 Water District

Nathan Brumley, Supervising Librarian, Youth Services, Livermore Public Library

Michael Carter, Physicist, retired Program Director for DoD Technology Programs, professional photographer, and Director, Livermore Lab Foundation

Gary Dreifuerst, retired Electrical Safety Officer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Martha Gausman, retired Assistant Superintendent, Modesto

Larry Lagin, Bay Area artist, President East Bay Holocaust Education Center, retired scientist and fusion research project manager

Don Lewis, Electronic music pioneer, Don Lewis Music

David Lunn, retired Water Resources Manager, Zone 7 Water District

Mark Newton, Board of Directors, Asante Africa Foundation, retired Electronics Engineering senior manager

Dennis O’Brien, retired Chief Electronics Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Tom Parham, Senior Research Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

David Rakestraw, Physical chemist and biosecurity program leader

Don Sweeney, retired Project Manager, Large Synoptic Survey Telescope

Pam Whitman, Senior Research Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Monika Witte, retired Engineering Division Leader



Gina Bonanno, retired Physicist, Pedrozzi Foundation Committee, Livermore Planning Commission

Donald James, author, retired Associate Administrator for Education at NASA

Glenn Kubiak, retired Deputy Director for Operations at LBNL, and former senior manager/scientist at Sandia National Labs

Tom Manger, IT Consultant and President of Robot Garden makerspace

Eugene Mizusawa, retired Founding Director of Innovation Studio at Athenian School

Lynn Naylor, CEO, Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group

Sharon Parker, Center to Support Excellence in Teaching at Stanford University

Randall Pico, Senior Engineering Superintendent

Bruce Simon, Institute for STEM Education, California State University East Bay

Adam Tobin, Executive Director & CEO, Chabot Space and Science Center

Michael Trevino, Educational Planner, former Director of Undergraduate Admissions for the UC system

John Williams, retired Electrical Engineer, IBM

Ann Willoughby, AAUW and Expanding Your Horizons

Lee Younker, Geoscientist and retired senior manager, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

June Yu, Executive Director National Laboratory Programs, UC Office of President



Joel Bowers, retired Deputy Associate Director for Operations, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Chris Gates, retired Senior Project Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Valerie Morrow, Urban and Regional Planning, retired Senior Facility manager, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Jasmine Noriega, Transportation Engineer at California Dept of Transportation



Amy Aines, Communications consultant, co-author Championing Science

Barbara Doggett, retired Senior Administrator

Bob Gausman, Consultant, Educational Technology, Livermore Commission for the Arts

Kiran Guleria, former Education Program Manager, Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center

Jose Hernandez, Former NASA astronaut, founder/CEO Tierra Luna Engineering

Nadine Horner, External Relations Officer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Susan Houghton, Founder, Sunflower Hill, and Communications and Development Consultant, The Houghton-Covey Group

Janice Keller, retired Senior Administrator

John Marchand, Former Mayor of Livermore

Tom O’Lenic, CEO, Buzzkill Labs, Board of Directors, GenTegra, LLC

Lynda Seaver, Public Affairs Director, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Eric Weiss, Vice-President of Engineering, Workday

Advisory Board Meeting Sets Stage for 2021 Goals

On December 3, 2020 we held our bi-monthly meeting to set stage for Quest Science Center activities in 2021, with the overarching focus of Creating an Impactful Science Center. We’re especially excited to increase the impact of our programs through our participation in a year-long OF/BY/FOR ALL program created by Change Network as we seek to become organizationally representative OF our diverse communities, with programs that are co-created BY our communities, and that are welcoming FOR ALL.

The 2021 high-level goals we agreed to are:

  • Minimum of one signature informal learning program that:
    • Enriches middle school students from Tri-Valley to San Joaquin County
    • Demystifies Tri-Valley technology and innovation industry
    • Becomes a trusted source for science in the news and our everyday lives
  • A pilot downtown indoor/outdoor presence that is freely accessible to families
  • A Board of Directors, Advisory Board, volunteers and student interns that represent our regional demographics

Welcome to our first-time participants:
Donald James (Retired NASA Director of Education)
Larry Lagin (visual artist and retired scientist)
Don Lewis (DonLewisMusic)
Jasmine Noriega (Ca. Dept. of Transportation)

Quest Advisory Board Holds Annual Strategy Retreat

Event brings together diverse community members


On October 17, 2020, we held our annual (virtual) strategy retreat with our Advisory Board, and we were grateful and excited to see 30 diverse and engaged community members. The spirit of everyday exploration in science and technology is evident in our region.

A special thank you to our first-time attendees:

Jose Hernandez, former NASA astronaut, CEO Tierra Luna Engineering

Sharon Parker, Stanford Center to Support Excellence in Teaching

Glenn Kubiak, retired Deputy Director Operations, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Jim Berry and Victor Wong, Robot Garden

And thank you to the new Advisory Board members who were unable to attend. We look forward to having your talent on board!

Rafael Valle, Puente Project, Las Positas College

Don Lewis, Don Lewis Music in Pleasanton

Thomasin Dewhurst, Artist and Art Instructor, SF Bay Area