Quest Delivers 460 Kits for Physics with Phones to Enhance Distance Learning

Jan 28, 2021

High school science teachers are seeking ways to engage students while we are in distance learning mode, and Quest is here to help. We recently provided 460 kit bags containing materials so teachers can deliver a consistent experience for all students as they teach the Physics with Phones program this semester.

Physics with Phones was developed by Dave Rakestraw, Senior Science Advisor for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and it centers around using the high-quality sensors that are part of almost every mobile phone to make measurements and conduct a wide range of experiments that are with the California Next Generation Science Standards.

Teaching subjects that are normally in-person laboratory activities presented a huge challenge to teachers in a remote learning environment. One teacher told Dave that by using the phone physics approach:

My students had a lab almost every week where they were measuring things and coming to conclusions based on their own observations. It was amazing.

Tri-Valley Area Teacher


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