Quest is taking science and learning to a whole new level!  That’s what we mean by Science Center 2.0. Hands-on experiences.  Timely and relevant topics.  Open-ended exploration. Friends and families taking a journey of discovery together and learning with others. Everything we do is aimed at building a culture of enthusiasm for science in its many forms.

Creating Science Center 2.0

In 2017, a group of Lawrence Livermore Lab retirees and community leaders decided to share their love of science and technology and ‘pay it forward’ by leading an effort to create a science center in downtown Livermore. They envisioned a place where everyone – at any age – would have engaging experiences and understand the impact science can have on our society. They called the organization the Livermore Science and Society Center (LSSC). The City of Livermore agreed to include land for this new science center in Stockmen’s Park, the centerpiece of its downtown redevelopment plan.

By 2019 LSSC had built an advisory board of committed technical experts, educators, and community leaders to bring this vision to life. They developed mobile wind and water exhibits to take out into the community and held focus groups that confirmed people wanted a science center downtown. In November 2019, LSSC chose the name Quest for this new science center. The name speaks to being on a journey where we Question, Understand and Explore – Science & Technology.

Quest Advisory Board Members at Strategic Planning Meeting

A Place For Everyone At Any Age

Activities at Quest will be designed so everyone has fun and learns, no matter how old they are or how much they already know about science.

There will be many opportunities to explore at a level that feels right. For example…


  • Families can learn together about how the brain grows and how to encourage each other to persist and have a ‘growth mindset’ even when schoolwork or life gets challenging.
  • Elementary and middle school students can discover how science happens and how failures have contributed to some of the greatest scientific discoveries of our time.
  • High school and college students can explore the interplay between academic disciplines and laws of science that contribute to the success of an experiment – and see how science impacts our society – and our lives on a daily basis.
  • Lifelong learners can attend lectures, mentor students or participate in community science projects.
  • Teachers can bring Quest activities into their classrooms to create authentic experiences that reinforce principles and practices from the Next Generation Science Standards.

Supporting Our Schools and Innovative Business Community

Serving as a hub, Quest will connect to regional resources involved in teaching and supporting science ranging from local school districts, colleges, universities and educators, businesses, non-profits and technical experts, to volunteers and lab retirees who want to mentor students and help launch scientific careers.

Quest will support the vision of business innovation and leadership that exists in the Tri-Valley by partnering with the local corporations and by offering a showcase for technical achievements and career paths.

Making Valuable Science Connections

Now you see why we named this Science Center 2.0…Quest!


Question, Understand and Explore
Science & Technology


We need volunteers and funding to make our vision a reality.

Please join us!

Key Accomplishments & Future Plans


  • 501(c)(3) status granted
  • Stockmen’s Park agreement signed, designating downtown Livermore land for the science center
  • Initial architectural concept and floor plan for 2-story building completed
  • Visitor experience concepts developed
  • Pop-up exhibits provided hands-on learning in local classrooms and at events throughout the Tri-Valley and East Bay for more than 3,000 people of all ages.

    What’s Next

    • 2020-23 – Design and pilot educational programs
    • 2020-23– Build and deploy pop-up exhibits
    • 2020-23 – Develop partnerships
    • 2022-24 – Construction and grand opening
    • 2024+ – Everyone’s invited to experience Quest!

    Visitor experience concepts depict some of the possibilities for Quest