Science of Halloween

October 29, 10-1 pm

Thank you to the 1237 guests who attended the Science of Halloween! Special appreciations to our high school intern team, volunteers, sponsors, and partner organizations for making this event possible!

This event took place in conjunction with the larger downtown Kidz Town Halloween Hay Day.

Activities 10-1 pm

  1. Welcome Table
  2. Candy Bar Density
  3. Van de Graaff Generator
  4. Halloween Circuit Blocks
  5. Pepper’s Ghost
  6. Creepy Crawlers
  7. Mosquitoes: The Original Vampires
  8. Floating Bubbles
  9. Dry Ice Demos
  10. Boo Bubbles


Event Photos

  Thank you to Mike Carter (MC) and Caleb Cheung (CC) for being our event photographers!

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