Sound Sensations

July 8, 2023, 11-2 pm

Explore the science behind sound, music, and hearing!


Activities 11-12:30 am, 1-2 pm

  1. Welcome Table
  2. Sound Illusions
  3. Ultrasonic Ranging Demo
  4. Sound of Plants
  5. Sound Sandwich
  6. Ears & Eardrums
  7. Balafon Activity
  8. Livermore Public Library Activities
  9. Sound Location
  10. Chladni Plate
  11. LARPD Activities
  12. Rubber Band Guitar
  13. Lawrence Hall of Science Activities
  14. Bee Hummer
  15. Mystery Shakers
  16. How Sound Moves
  17. Fork on a String
  18. Don Lewis Tribute (Donate to the Memorial Fund)

Completing all activities will take ~45 minutes. Restrooms at Blacksmith Square open at noon.  Additional restrooms are located next to Uncle Yu’s restaurant.

For assistance, please talk to volunteers wearing a black Quest shirt.

Music Performance 12:30-1 pm

The Las Positas College Summer Jazz Band will perform a selection of classic and modern jazz standards.  Join us on grass for live music.  Bring instruments created from the activities to join in on the fun.

Event Photos

Thank you to Mike Carter for being our event photographer!

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