Science of the Human Body

July 9, 11-2 pm

Over 500 attendees experienced a wonderful collection of fun hands-on activities about how the body works (anatomy & physiology), perception (neurobiology), and health.  

Thank you to our high school intern team, volunteers, sponsors, and partner organizations for supporting this event!


Activities 11-12:30 pm & 1-2 pm

  1. The Sixth Sense
  2. Stroop Effect 
  3. Reaction Time
  4. Fingerprints
  5. Levers & Biomechanics
  6. Homeostasis
  7. Electric Touch 
  8. Human Vision
  9. Pulse Rate & Oxygen Levels 
  10. Lights, Optics, Action!
  11. Cow Eye Dissection 
  12. Skull Quest 
  13. Climate Change Impact on Human Health 
  14. Staying Healthy 
  15. Journey of an Air Particle
  16. Hands-On CPR
  17. Welcome Table


Special Presentation 12:30-1 pm

Quest’s Chief Learning Officer Caleb Cheung performed a magic show demonstrating the power of human connections.

Event Photos

Thank you to Mike Carter and Vaughn Draggoo for being our event photographer!