Science of Earth & Space

August 27, 11-2 pm

Thank you to the over 1000 attendees who explored the Science of Earth and Space with us!  Special appreciations to our high school intern team, volunteers, sponsors, and partner organizations for making this event possible!

Activities 11-12:30 pm & 1-2 pm

  1. Quest Welcome Table
  2. Magnetism with a Compass
  3. Design a Science Center
  4. Air Quality Flags
  5. Twinkling Stars 
  6. Augmented Reality Gravity Simulator
  7. Layers of the Earth
  8. Constellations in a Jar
  9. Solar Telescopes
  10. Ecosystems & Climate Change
  11. The Air on Planet Earth
  12. Identifying Fossils
  13. Modeling the Rock Cycle
  14. Formation of Fossils & Fossil Fuel
  15. Cultural Geology and Astronomy
  16. Books & Hoop Gliders 
  17. LVJUSD-TOPS Planetarium
  18. Solar System Model
  19. Health Resources
  20. Staying Healthy
  21. Nebula Spin Art & Filtered Light
  22. Astronaut Meet & Greet (1-2 pm only)


Special Presentation 12:30-1 pm

José Hernández, local astronaut and Quest board member, shared his life story and journey to become an astronaut at NASA.  José grew up and lives in Stockton with his family.  After being turned down eleven times for astronaut training by NASA, he became a mission specialist and flew on a 14-day space shuttle mission to the International Space Station in 2009.  He previously worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory working on signal and image processing applications in radar imaging, computed tomography, and acoustic imaging. 

Event Photos

Thank you to Mike Carter for being our event photographer!

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