Math Marvels 

June 17, 2023, 11-2 pm

Examine the math behind puzzles, games, and magic


Activities 11-12:30 am, 1-2 pm

  1. Welcome Table
    2 Game & Puzzle Exchange
    3 Magic Eggs, Bicyclist & Missing Square
    4 Take-Away Game
    5 Trapdoor Card
    6 LARPD
    7 Map Colors
    8 Spirograph & Hopscotch
    9 Think of a Number
    10 Missing Dollar & Poking Fun at Math
    11 Survey Spectacles
    12 Möbius Strip & Hexa-hexaflexagon
    13 Card Games

Magic Performance 12:30-1 pm

Experience the improbable and the impossible through magic.  Caleb Cheung, Quest’s Chief Learning Officer, performed a brand new set of magic tricks with coins, games, and puzzles that test the laws of probability.  

Partner Organizations Attending

Event Photos

Thank you to Mike Carter for being our event photographer!

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