Science of Plants

May 21, 11-2 pm

Over 300 attendees explored the world of plants and got to meet expert botanists and gardeners.  They learned about plant anatomy, tree rings, plant cells, and photosynthesis. They also got to make art with plants, watch plants play music, start a vegetable garden, and see carnivorous plants up close.

Thank you to our high school intern team and partner organizations for providing all the activities!


Activity List

  1.  Plant Breakdown
  2.  What Do We Eat?
  3.  What Seed is This?
  4.  Observing Plant Cells
  5.  Sound of Plants
  6.  Chlorophyll Painting
  7.  Tree Ring Age Estimate
  8.  Leaf Rubbing with Crayons (ages 7 & under)
  9.  Measuring Photosynthesis (ages 12 & over)
  10.  Start a Bush Bean Plant
  11.  Climate Change and Plants
  12.  Plants at the Library
  13.  Explore Carnivorous Plants
  14.  Home Garden Resources
  15.  Finding Pollinators

Special Presentation 12:30-1 pm

Quest’s Chief Learning Officer Caleb Cheung shared a dozen of his favorite plants that demonstrate amazing adaptations.  These include 10″ spines, camouflage, hairs, poison, mutations, crazy colors, and amazing flowers.

Event Photos

Thank you to Mike Carter for being our event photographer!

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