Science of Bubbles

April 23, 10-1 pm

Over 500 attendees experienced a dozen hands-on soap bubble activities, along with performances and competitions.  Topics included the science behind surface tension, soap solutions, bubble thickness, and special ingredients for making gigantic and colorful bubbles.

Activity List

1 Bubble Solution Testing
2 Soap Film Loops
3 Bubble in Bubble
4 Measuring Bubble Thickness
5 Art Bubbles
6 Boo Bubbles
7 Stand inside a Bubble
8 Bubble Shapes
9 Bubble Play Area (>7 years old)
10 DIY Tri-String Wands
11 Bubble Testing Zone
12 Longest Bubble Contest

Special Performance – 11:30-12 pm

World-renowned soap bubbles expert and scientist Brian Lawrence provided bubble demonstrations. Unfortunately, conditions were too dry and warm to break the world record for the largest bubble at 96.27 cubic meters. 

Brian has performed around the world for over 30 years. His Maker Faire Exhibit “Giant Soap Bubbles,” was one of the most popular exhibits in the event’s history.

Magic Hour Photo Shoot – 6 am

In addition to his role as a bubble artist and scientist, Brian Lawrence is also an avid photographer.  Brian held a Magic Hour Photo Shoot of concentric bubbles earlier in the morning.  Click here for his past photos.

Event Photos

Thank you to Mike Carter for being our event photographer!