Science of Animals

June 18, 11-2 pm

Over 400 attendees experienced an amazing collection of animal related activities. We learned about adaptations that allow animals to succeed in different environments, and explored how animals find food, stay warm, and hide from predators.  We also got to examine animal anatomy, skeletons, and footprints, and use technology to gain animal vision.

Thank you to our high school intern team, volunteers, sponsors, and partner organizations for supporting this event!


Activity List

  1. Animal Thermoregulation
    2. Animal Vision
    3. Insect Encounter
    4. Invent an Insect
    5. Bird Beaks
    6. Butterfly Ink
    7. Animal Anatomy
    8. Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore
    9. Footprints
    10. Camouflage
    12. Animal Leap and Art
    13. Life in the Pond
    14. Live Animal Meet and Greet
    15. Climate Change & Wildlife
    16. Animals Buttons
    17. Animal Radiographs and Meet a Vet

Special Presentation 12:30-1 pm

Quest’s Chief Learning Officer Caleb Cheung performed a magic show with his assistant Coco the Monkey.

Event Photos

Thank you to Gina Bonanno for being our event photographer!