Join our Quests and see the community around you in a whole new way.

We are developing a series of Quests that give you an opportunity to have an adventure, take a drive and participate in experiments, observations and investigations. It’s part guided tour, part scavenger hunt, part geocaching–and it’s fun for the whole family. Quests are ideal for upper elementary grade kids and up.

Through location-triggered activities, you can choose your own one-hour adventure through our app, accessing activities, investigations, experiments and questions to ponder.

Energy Quest

Our first Quest launches later this fall. Energy Quest was inspired by wind turbines in the hills of the Tri-Valley, so follow us on social media so you won’t miss the latest news!

Expedition C02: Get Involved and See the Science all Around Our Community

In 2019 we launched our first community science project to measure and map CO2 concentrations in the Tri-Valley.

Expedition CO2 participants are learning about microprocessors and sensor assembly. They are designing and building a network of sensors that will automatically upload data to a real-time, web-based, online map for everyone to see. This will provide useful scientific data for the Tri-Valley region regarding climate change and how human activity relates to CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.

Everyone is welcome! Would you or your school like to participate? Contact Quest board member Rick Stulen at